• How to minimize Capital Gains in the sale of your privately held company

    August 22, 2013

    This is the fifth article in a five part series that reviews the Section 1042 Capital Gains Tax Deferral. In this last installment we will briefly discuss how to potentially eliminate capital gains taxes on proceeds from the sale of a business and we will discuss the summary points on a C-Corp vs. S-Corp sale. One of the more powerful uses of the Section 1042 capital gains tax deferral is the elimination of capital gains taxes in their entirety. This requires planning, but in certain circumstances, the seller may be able to entirely eliminate capital gains taxes on the sale

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  • New Year means New Deals

    January 17, 2013

    Financial News Clarke Advisors News   I am not sure for the reason why, maybe its a good marketing strategy, maybe we know the transport market better, perhaps the economy helps. For whatever the case, we have become very busy with a number of small and large projects most in transport but some outside of it. This includes: A $40 million Debt Recap of a $115 million dollar revenue Midwest Based Carrier, Sale of a Texas based General Frieght carrier, A Buy-Side assignment with a Family Office / Private Equity group, A debt/equity placement for a Boston based Medical Services

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    November 2, 2012

    We closed on our Idaho based Refrigerated Carrier on September 24th, asset purchase $5.6 million, valuable experience in working through an ESOP close

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  • How to avoid closing issues after the LOI

    August 10, 2012

    As we move towards the close on the sale of a Refrigerated Motor Carrier it comes to mind the various issues that can occur during the contract / due diligence period and how to avoid them in the future: a. Negotiate your LOI closely and with detail, as much detail as can reasonably be put into the document. This closes the gap between LOI terms and contract / due diligence. b. If at all possible get a schedule in place for the due diligence period. Keeping everyone on track and targeting a hard date. c. Extended closes rarely close. A

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  • closings

    July 19, 2012

    Three deals in close. Despite the outward perception that transactions are difficult in this uncertain economy closely held business continue to change hands. It takes a while depending on the company, valuation, market, profitability etc and the time to close can take anywhere from 5 months (very short) to a year. We are now in the process of taking two signed LOI’s to close and attempting to finalize a third LOI, from that point the process is from 45 days (very short) to 90 days to close. If an owner is the least bit concerned about the potential reelection of

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