All noted transactions were originated and placed by Clarke Advisors LLC or Norman E. Clarke prior to forming Clarke Advisors LLC. The transactions are a mix of Sell-Side M&A, Buy-Side M&A and Capital Formation, typically A, B or C rounds of Institutional Equity and Debt Capital.

H&M Transport
Sell Side
Private Buyer
Landes Trucking
Sell Side
Huron Capital
Fallbrook Auto Tech
Capital Raise
JE Williams
Sell Side
Caymus Capital
Midstate Mechanical
Sell Side
Bain Capital
Energy and Power
Capital Raise
AG Trucking Inc.
Sell Side
Private Buyer
JM Transports
Sell Side
Crystal Flash
Kottke Trucking
Fellows Trucking
Patriot Transit
Sell Side
PS Logistics
Motor West
Sell Side
Lessors, Inc.
Off Spec Solutions
Sell Side
Central Valley Fund
AG Express Inc
Sell Side
Caymus Capital Group
T-Haul Trucking
Sell Side
Kenan Advantage
Action 3PL
Sell Side
ProServ Transport
United Global Logistics
Sell Side
Road One

Illustrative Transactions

JM Transports, $8,250,000 Company Sale
Patriot Transit, $4,000,000 Company Sale
Action 3PL, $5,000,000, Company Sale
T-Haul Trucking, $18,000,000, Company Sale
Kottke Trucking purchased Fellows Trucking, $6,500,000, Buyside Services
Cliffside Trucking, $2,500,000, Debt Placement with TAB Bank
ASA Logistics, Distressed Work Out Services
Off Spec Solutions, $6,000,000, Majority Sale
Plan Berries, $2,000,000, Debt Placement
AG Express Inc., $5,000,000, Company Sale
United Global Logistics, $13,000,000, Company Sale
Riggs Companies, $5,000,000, Debt Placement
JE Williams Trucking, $4,082,000 Sale
H&M Trucking, $2,500,000, Sale
AG Trucking Inc., $30,000,000 Sale
Star Transportation, $21,000,000, Distressed Debt Recap
Cliff Viessman Transportation, Valuation Opinion
HO Wolding Transportation, Valuation Opinion
Superior Transportation, Valuation Opinion
Texas GF Transportation, Valuation Opinion
Coast Haddy, Valuation Opinion
JIT Transportation, Valuation Opinion
Itinio Technology, Fairness Opinion
Trius Transportation, Valuation Opinion
Seattle Freight, Valuation Opinion
LMM Sports Management, NFL Players Agency, $4.0 million, Equity Raise
Landes Trucking, Food Grade Trucking, $15.0 million, Sale
Energy and Power Solutions, Co-Gen Power Generation, $22.0 million, Equity Raise
Dollar Days, Internet Retailing, RTO/SPAC, $19.0 million (OTCBB), RTO and Equity Raise
Rodin, Consumer Electronics, $3.0 million, Sale
Eaton Vet Labs, Veterinary Medicine, $3.0 million, Debt Placement
Deep Dive Technologies, Fairness Opinion
JBM, Electronics, $20.0 million, Sale
Fallbrook Technologies, Inc., Transmission Manufacturer, $26 million, Equity Raise
Inilex, Inc., Tracking/Telemetry Device Manufacturer, Acquisition and $3.0 million, Equity Raise
VCommerce, Internet Retailing, $13.0 million, Equity Raise
Mid States Mechanical, Mechanical Contractor, $21.0 million, Recap
Succeed Corporation, Advisory Services
EBCO / Lazy Boy Stores, Advisory Services
Hawaii Medical Center, Bankruptcy Advisory Services
Cardiovascular Hospitals of America, Advisory Services
Quality Oil, Advisory Services
Mountainside Fitness, Advisory Services
American Legal Funding, Placement Agent Services
Duraswitch Industries Inc., Keyboard Technology, $3.0 million, Principal Investment
Duraswitch Industries Inc., Keyboard Technology, $10.0 million (NASDAQ), IPO
Micro Helix, Inc., Medical Ultrasound Cable Assemblies, $4.0 million (OTCBB), Equity Raise
Future One, Integrated Telecom Services to the Home, $8.0 million, ( OTCBB), Equity Raise
Par 3 Management, Auto Title Financing, Debt Placement
Telserra Global Inc., Transaction Processing, $3.0 million, Equity Raise Inc., Technology Incubator, $4.0 million, Equity Raise
PowerOne Data, Intelligent Metering Systems, $4.0 million, Equity Raise
Telemax, LMDS Wireless Provider, $3.0 million, Principal Investment
Excel Staffing, Staffing and PEO Services, $7.0 million, Distressed Debt Recap
Company Finance, Internet Based Debt Search, $5.0 million, Principal Investment
Entech, Oil and Gas Distribution and Construction, $19.5 million (OTCBB), RTO and Equity Raise
One Source Technologies, Computer Maintenance, $3.0 million (OTCBB), Equity Raise
Realink, Appraisal Management Services, $3.0 million, Principal Investment
Realink, Appraisal Management Services, $10.0 million, Equity Raise
Scrip Advantage, Incentives and Direct Marketing, $10.0 million, Equity Raise
Lone Genie, Internet Mortgage Services, $7.1 million, Principal Investment