The highest returns are always achieved by recognizing potential for significant capital appreciation before others, utilizing expertise in efficiently evaluating these opportunities, and creatively structuring the right investment. Clarke’s Merchant Group identifies, evaluates these opportunities, and structures direct equity investments, mezzanine financing, or commercial lending. Clarke’s Merchant Group was established to acquire closely held companies of between $1 and $5 million in EBITDA and to become a strategic partner, involved in the development and growth of the selected companies through more than merely an infusion of capital.

The rapid expansion of financial instruments, shifts in the availability of capital, the variety of political climates and regulatory concerns, and the unpredictability of the national financial markets all point to the need for expert assistance, and investment, which can be provided through Clarke’s Merchant Group and its Investment Partners.

Clarke Advisors LLC has extensive expertise in structuring transactions under Regulation D, SCOR, Rule 144A, and Reg. A, Reg. S, and other public or private direct offerings, as well as commercial lending, mezzanine financing, commercial paper, and subordinated debt transactions. Our structures can provide an exit strategy for investors with short or long-term holding periods. By facilitating the repayment of debt with equity enhancements, or resale of shares and warrants, Management strives to deliver a solid and reliable rate of return to its investment partners.

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