Current Projects

What are we working on? As of November 9, 2020, these companies are for sale:

Central US Dry Van (TMC), $73 million
$10 million EBITDA

Mountain West Bulk Food Grade Carrier (MLK), $40 million
$11 million EBITDA

Southeast Based Refrigerated Trucking (FLA), $45 million
$11 million EBITDA

Southwest Asset Based 3PL (STX), $5 million
$1 million EBITDA

Midwest Based Refrigerated Carrier (FS), $13 million
$2 million EBITDA

SW US Mexico Cross Border Transport (FAL), $5 million
$100,000 EBITDA

Mexico US Cross Border Services (TEN), $7 million
$3 million EBITDA

California Based Non-Asset 3PL (PGL), $60 million
$7 million EBITDA

Pacific NW 3PL (OAH), $7 million
$1 million EBITDA

We are seeking companies to acquire for:

Midwest Based Refrigerated Carrier
Dedicated buy-side services

Midwest Based Asset-Based 3PL
Dedicated buy-side services

Northeast Based Private Equity Firm
Buy-side services

Midwest Based Private Equity Firm
Buy-side services

We are raising Capital for:

Mountain West Financial Services Company (MAX)
$5 million Seed Round

If you are interested in learning more about a specific opportunity ask us for a teaser or an NDA for the full details.

We may have additional projects and what is current does change. Please email: or call 480-488-1929.

Security transactions are conducted through Penates Group, Inc. (FINRA/SIPC)
Penates Group, Inc. has no affiliation with any Clarke entity.