Industry Focus

Clarke helps our clients find alternative sources of funding and/or develop and execute exit strategies for their companies. We focus on sectors with the potential to generate rapid growth or where a change of ownership within closely held companies is common.

Business Services

The Business Products and Services area includes companies that manufacture and sell products and/or provide services to individuals, businesses, and government bodies. Companies in this group are not developers of information or healthcare technologies but rather producers of products and services for the business to business market which include security systems, electronic games, transportation, education and training services. Sectors include: hospitality, food and beverage, sports and leisure, direct marketing, education and training, household and personal products, professional and consumer services, and electronic commerce.

Primary focus: Transportation, Logistics, 3PL, Warehousing and Distribution. Asset, Asset Light and Non-Asset Companies

Information Technology

With the rise of open source technologies and current trends toward web-based service application infrastructures, suppliers are being forced to re-evaluate their business models and technology platforms, creating great opportunities. The sectors included in the Information Technology area include: electronic devices, software, hosted-services, computer hardware, communications and networking, ecommerce, semiconductor, information services, data storage, internet security, and on-line gaming.

Primary focus: Mobility, TMS, Automotive Technology and Logistic SAAS and PAAS Companies.

Energy and Technology

The explosion of demand in energy along with ever increasing prices for fossil fuel based energy sources has created a “sea” of new opportunities. Sorting through the numerous new companies, technologies and improvements in old technologies is daunting. For the entrepreneur, knowing how to fund your new or growing company makes all the difference in a successful venture. For Co-generation, Solar or Integration Services finding the right financial partner is critical.

Primary Focus: Co-Generation, Solar, Oil Field Services, Energy Transport Services.

Security transactions are conducted through Penates Group, Inc. (FINRA/SIPC)
Penates Group, Inc. has no affiliation with any Clarke entity.